Sunday, August 7, 2011

Singapore Presidential Election 2011

Issuance of Writ of Election

The Prime Minister has issued the Writ of Election announcing 17 August 2011 as Nomination Day. If more than one candidate stands nominated for election at the close of nominations on Nomination Day, the Returning Officer will declare 27 August 2011 (Saturday) to be Polling Day. Polling Day will be a public holiday.

Eligibility as Voters

You are eligible to vote if on 1 January 2011, which is the cut-off date for the revision of the registers of electors,
You are a citizen of Singapore i.e. holder of a pink Identity Card;
You are at least 21 years old; and
You are ordinarily resident or deemed to be ordinarily resident in Singapore; and
Your name is found on any of the current registers of electors

(You may check your voter eligibility online via this website from 4 August 2011).


A non-voter is an eligible elector whose name was expunged from the registers of electors for failing to vote in an election. The restoration of non-voters’ names to the registers of electors has been suspended with the issuance of the Writ of Election. Applications received by the Elections Department on or after 3 August 2011 will be processed only after the Presidential Election 2011.

Overseas Voting

Overseas voting will be carried out at 9 Overseas Polling Stations located at the Singapore High Commissions, Embassies and Consulates in Canberra, Beijing, Hong Kong, London, San Francisco, Shanghai, Tokyo, Washington and New York. These locations are chosen because of the significant number of Singaporeans living in China, Australia, Hong Kong, Japan, Europe and America.

Registration as an Overseas Elector

Registration for overseas voting has been suspended with the issuance of the Writ of Election.

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